November 8, 2008 § 12 Comments

Tough to say, write or even think,
Because words can’t but diminish what it means.


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§ 12 Responses to Glimpse

  • Jesus 2.3 says:

    Thanx for givinm me a glimpse of what is in your mind! It truly made me happier than I already was. In reality there’s a CHANGE coming all over the world. I HOPE you know that you & me are at the front of the curve.
    Mind you we aren’t the only ones! Others are joining us each and every moment.
    Patience is the virtue that many don’t understand, but I’m content to wait, and do my thing for ALLAH while I can.
    You continue too my friend, and know that it matters not who we do it for, for in reality you must do it yourself – knowing that you’re not alone!

  • Marc says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
    I agree about the fact that indeed there’s a change going on in the world, a big one. Also that whatever you have to do rather do it for yourself, because anyone else will take responsibility of your actions or innactions. And at the same time, the mystery is that we can’t be alone either, ’cause in essence we are just one.

    • Marc, we are indeed part of the ONE creation, but we are not the creators, for that is GOD. The Infinite Reality that was here before time began, and will be there long after our physical reality has gone.
      We are but finite beings with 2 realities of our own. The conceptual & the physical. Our physical being was formed at conception, and our parents provided the material, but It is the spark of God’s Will, that gives you free will, at the start of your precious life. You first see the light of truth the moment you are born, but you do not understand it. That is the journey that we all must take, and then our body dies. What happens next is anybodies guess, but in reality it is all up to GOD. This thing we call life is but a test for what is coming next. Whether you think otherwise makes no difference to me, because in reality it’s the truth. I HOPE you know you can’t CHANGE that, no matter what you believe.
      Best regards my friend, you can find out more about me at my website. But in reality you’ll do whatever you want. Good for you.
      Know that I need no more CHANGE in my life, I’m only here to explain it.

  • Hi Marc,
    Wow, this is a video that pulls you in. I couldn’t stop watching once I began and it was so different from the standard, “I saw you across the room.” The man and woman meeting in shards of glass reminds me of a movie I saw in which the young man gets to see the results of his choices several times over and, at last, decides that being with the girl he loves will destroy them. Really fascinating.

  • Kim says:

    This short movie is really amazing! It’s one of my favourite vimeo videos of 2010! Didn’t know it was on youtube too!

    • Marc says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for commenting!
      I saw it in vimeo for the first time too, but embeding from youtube seems to work better with this template.
      By the way, lovely koala 🙂

      • Kim says:

        Hey Mike,
        actually it’s even easier to embed vimeo than youtube videos on wordpress !
        You only have to paste the link of the vimeo link and that is pretty much it.

        For example:
        For “Two strangers in Nuit Blanche”
        just copy this link:

        and it’s embedded on your site. It’s as easy as that 🙂

        • Marc says:

          Thanks Kim,
          the problem I’ve is how the video looks after embeding. Even adjusting its size the image appears a bit cutted. I think is an issue related to the page template, because before I was using another one and vimeo videos were shown always well. Thank you for your help. Btw, I’m adding a link to your blog.
          Keep in touch!

          • Kim says:

            Oh, okay. I didn’t have any problems with embedding vimeo videos so far, so I can’t add anything here 😦
            Oh, thank you so much for adding a link to my blog. I reallly appreciate that!
            Have a nice day, Marc!

  • Marc says:

    Hi Kim, you are right about the embedding, I just tried again to adjust the video size in the previous post and works perfectly fine 😀 Thanks!

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