G l o b a l i z a t i o n

It is absolutely sure that if globalization is not founded on moral values not only will fail but will bring about global calamities.
__George Vithoulkas
For complex reasons, our culture allows “economy” to mean only “money economy.” It equates success and even goodness with monetary profit because it lacks any other standard of measurement. I am no economist, but I venture to suggest that one of the laws of such an economy is that a farmer is worth more dead than alive. A second law is that anything diseased is more profitable than anything that is healthy. What is wrong with us contributes more to the “gross national product” than what is right with us.
__Wendell Berry
The greatest weapon of mass destruction is corporate economic globalization.
__Kenny Ausubel
What is called ‘capitalism’is basically a system of corporate mercantilism, with huge and largely unaccountable private tyrannies exercising vast control over the economy, political systems, and social and cultural life, operating in close cooperation with powerful states that intervene massively in the domestic economy and international society.
__Noam Chomsky_
Where do people earn the Per Capita Income? More than one poor starving soul would like to know. In our countries, numbers live better than people. How many people prosper in times of prosperity? How many people find their lives developed by development?
__Eduardo Galeano_
I would define globalization as the freedom for my group of companies to invest where it wants when it wants, to produce what it wants, to buy and sell where it wants, and support the fewest restrictions possible coming from labour laws and social conventions.
__Percy Barnevik, President of the ABB Industrial Group_
The essence of globalization is a subordination of human rights, of labor rights, consumer, environmental rights, democracy rights, to the imperatives of global trade and investment.
__Ralph Nader

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