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From where are you looking at the world?



May 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Imagine infinite parallel universes continuously expanding, dumb individual entities creating complex neverending networks. A place where the shadows pretend to be the origin of any light, where they use the knowledge that makes all around to seem, in spite of it, meaningful.

An eternal landscape beeing painted, rounded by machines skilfully engaged to react to our environment, running under a bottom line governance. All designed and assembled to make, what is virtual, more real than real. The man not as architect of his own, but a laboratory pet, trapped in an anti-reality made by neuronal impulses. And, in the roots of the matrix, the slave, unable to recognise himself in any mirror.

Consider now instead that this slave had always been the creator, sleepily unconscient painting the same exact landscape. An apparently equal world, but opposite in essence. This one, ran by our thoughts is where consciousness is key… Could we have been dreaming us, during ages, and be now just about to wake up?

Where Am I?

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