Human Experience

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This is a moving non-spoken short. A cheerful celebration of the human experience and the oneness of our souls.

When focused on yourself, you forget about God;
when forgetting yourself, you remember God;
and you cannot remember the two at a time.



September 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

This life is just a dream,
will be over in a blink of an eye!

21st Century

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A contemporaneous vision of spirituality throughout the words of three men with a profound understanding of today and the challenges humanity will have yet to face.

Stephen Jourdain, Arnaud Desjardins and Lee Lozowick.

Spotlight & Floodlight

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You are not an stranger on earth; your environment is also part of you, you’re in fact all that is too.

Each one of us is at once an universal self which has the capacity to focus in so many different ‘here’ and ‘now’. When you use the word ‘I’, is really an idea about position, like ‘this’ or ‘here’, you are referring to.

Our behaviour cannot be separated of the behaviour of the rest of world, we are something that the whole realm of being is doing.

It was 1964 when Allan Watts wrote these words:
“One of our general failures over the past three thousand years of human history has been not to notice the inseparability of things.
We have seen our own basic unity with the external world as the result of specializing in a particular kind of consciousness.
For we have very largely based culture and civilization on concentrated attention, on using the mind as a spotlight rather than a floodlight, and by this means analyzing the world into separate bits.”

Myth of Myself 1/2 – 10min.
Myth of Myself 2/2 – 9min.


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Around the world, many are having the perception of a grey chained reality, believing that we need to control or manipulate to satisfy conditioned behaviors, illusionary desires or falsely perceived needs.

But now a global consciousness is emerging within, gradually unfolding a new precious unexpected way. It’s showing us that, up on these blinding beliefs, we created a unsustainable reality based on fear, which will not persist indefinitely.

At this time in our planet’s history, a tremendous transformation is taking place, multiple challenges lie ahead for us all. You already know why, don’t you?

What is needed to collectively reorient ourselves towards a viable future?
How could we help each other in developing our greater human potential?
How can we re-imagine the relationship between us, and with our Earth?


Imagine two tuning forks standing one next to another, and you strike one to create a note. Without touching the other, it will begin to play its own note too.

“Be a lamp unto yourself. Don’t search for light anywhere else;
the light is already there… Just probe a little deeper into your being.”

__The Buddha

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