Body and Higher Self

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“Most of us tend to assume that body and spirit are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But the body is a swirling mass of constantly changing energy … The spiritual needs we all have for love, compassion, meaningfulness, total acceptance, devotion and inner peace are not grand goals to be achieved in a distant time and place. They exist here and now and exert powerful influences on our lives. Only by transcending to the higher self can you achieve total, spontaneous fulfillment of these needs.”
__Deepak Chopra



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Here is the story of man going down the wrong path, with one day the possibility of finding the way of peace and love. A short video shaped around the knowledge and ideas of Willy Whitefeather, a man of Cherokee ancestry.


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In the answer to why we fight? lays the reason why our actual political, social and economic systems are not yet updated to the current state of knowledge.

Spotlight & Floodlight

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You are not an stranger on earth; your environment is also part of you, you’re in fact all that is too.

Each one of us is at once an universal self which has the capacity to focus in so many different ‘here’ and ‘now’. When you use the word ‘I’, is really an idea about position, like ‘this’ or ‘here’, you are referring to.

Our behaviour cannot be separated of the behaviour of the rest of world, we are something that the whole realm of being is doing.

It was 1964 when Allan Watts wrote these words:
“One of our general failures over the past three thousand years of human history has been not to notice the inseparability of things.
We have seen our own basic unity with the external world as the result of specializing in a particular kind of consciousness.
For we have very largely based culture and civilization on concentrated attention, on using the mind as a spotlight rather than a floodlight, and by this means analyzing the world into separate bits.”

Myth of Myself 1/2 – 10min.
Myth of Myself 2/2 – 9min.

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