December 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

As Eckhart Tolle put it; “if we do not take the time to stop and quietly contemplate the now, we will never be able to find peace. Thus only in the stillness we might comprehend all movement in the world. However, even surrounded by the most deafening noise, serenity may arise… If we embrace the present moment simply as it is.”

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§ 4 Responses to Present

  • Lea says:

    So true and simple enough, that is once you have mastered not being so distracted by your daily life that you forget to take time to take care of your inner needs. Love & Light

    • Marc says:

      Thanks Lea, nowadays, generally speaking, we´ve so many distractions in our daily lives, that becomes both hard and essential to be present.

  • vibes01 says:

    to be in the here and now is very difficult for me….i value and appreciate the world arround me, i enjoy my own company, dont take things for granted (as much as possible) but still i am thinking/being in the future…always wanting to improve…always the drive – the present seems to be just a leap board for forward

    • Marc says:

      I understand what you mean anyway we can’t be in the future because it’s but an illusion, in fact when we get there it will be the now, isn’t it?
      It is truly a liberation to realize that we do not need more time to be the fabulous eternal beings which we already are

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